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Is Cash an Asset? How to Organize Your Balance Sheet • Talus Pay

PayPal is committed to taking you’re money… however if you have a question I can promise you they have no interest in providing the answer. They will not, do not and desire not to provide even the minimum of customer service. But don’t worry there are plenty of scam web sites that will do it for them. Trust in PayPal though not to protect their company or you from these people. Deleting all things related to them and their piss poor service. I am getting very angry with PayPal customer service! I have been trying to speak to someone for days now.

One of the disadvantages is that the customer must leave the merchant’s website and be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction, which can reduce conversion rates and confuse customers. With no monthly fees, PayPal credit card acceptance does come at a higher-than-average processing rate. Businesses registered as 501 nonprofit corporations receive a discounted rate from PayPal of 2.2% plus $0.30 per transaction domestically and 3.7% plus $0.30 for international transactions.

Is Cash an Asset? How to Organize Your Balance Sheet • Talus Pay

Hopefully some of the changes with EBay will wake PayPal up that they need to do better. I just spent the last month in a dispute process from a purchase made. Never felt so cheated/misrepresented with a large company before.

Is The Bbb Rating For Paypal Accurate?

What kind of company can’t change a simple name? Will NOT be utilizing this company again. I wish I could give it a lesser rating. They made a mistake months ago resulted in me having to pay off $300 dollars in 3 months when I thought I would have 18 months to pay off $500.

AND NOW THEY BLOCKED ME because I was sharing this information with their Facebook page! And this is for my business I will be making sure nobody I know ever uses PayPal again . Logged in, sent an invoice to a customer I have sent invoices to in the past few years with no issues. Sent the invoice, customer received and paid the invoice.

The neighbors shipping address auto generated and did not tied with the address I have on file. I didn’t realize this was occurring until one of my packages didn’t arrived per a delivered text confirmation from the sender.

Balance Sheet Vs Income Statement

Meanwhile, it may take more than 30 min to have a transaction view on PayPal system; one cannot even imagine that a system can be that slow nowadays. So if you need to take a look at more than one transaction a day, your business day is basically stalled by PayPal. In addition, PayPal Is Cash an Asset? How to Organize Your Balance Sheet • Talus Pay system has bugs which they never fix. If you are considering PayPal for your business you would reccoment to stay awy from it. We signed up to take paypal for our business and it took over 40 minutes to contact them by phone and we finally hung up and cancelled our pay pal account.

I called back in half an hour no one would pick the phone. Itried several times aND THE STORY REMAINS SAME. The next day they left a message to call me on another line. I started calling the line and the memory was full. I packaged the defective computers and sent them back through UPS. I was in a rush and mistakenly pay with checking account instead of credit card. Next minute I have called customer service and ask to change method of payment or cancel payment, I new I did not have enough money on my checking account.

  • Of paypal’s dispute tactics… I attempted to a dispute something I purchased in which I haven’t received.
  • Filling a container, Silver said, is an exact science.
  • I have sent an extremely detailed E Mail to paypal and now waiting on a reply.
  • Today, three days later PayPal attempted to take the $250 from the account I canceled again.
  • It is wrong to live on people’s money while the real owner of those money get screwed, depressed and even suicidal.

I tried to put the money back into my account but could not make in the time they had set for taking out the money. They then sent me an email stating that transfer failed and they will try again in three other days. They tried it again and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to put the money in my bank account.

What Is The Job Market Like For Finance Analysts In Dallas, Tx?

I purchased a flat iron from this bogus company Woofixy- who you can no longer find ads for- and I’m told the same. It’s fraud and PayPal is aiding and abetting this fraud. However, company executives and industry analysts say the money PayPal makes off such payments has a negligible impact on its bottom line.

Is Cash an Asset? How to Organize Your Balance Sheet • Talus Pay

I am experiencing issues with my address on pay pal. My address is current on my pay pal account, but somehow it is sending my two recent shipments to my neighbors house .

Finally, When I could, I had to call customer service to figure out how to access it. After finally I figured out how to access it, I found out they took $35 off of it. Venmo is way faster and doesn’t steal your money. And after speaking to someone on the phone about this we were told sorry for the inconvenience. Well, we are not sorry for cancelling our account and never doing business with you or ebay again.

Basic Merchant Setup Aka: Paypal Payments Standard

There are five types of accounts that show up on both your balance sheet and income statement. They consist of assets, liabilities, equity, revenue and expenses. Partners Merchant accounts without all the smoke and mirrors. Earn your share while providing your clients with a solid service.

With no one to talk to or communication avenue, we are powerless to resolve it. Not a surprise to see that PayPal is in a ClassAction suit over putting “holds” on it’s customer’s funds. PayPal credit card services is a complete scam. I have had minimal payments go from $50 monthly to $300 even asking them if I could pay $50 monthly due to losing my job.

Millions Of Users, Thousands Of Paypal Complaints

Pay- pal tried to make this E-Check withdrawal not once but twice, each time costing me an additional $25 in charges. So now this one transaction that I did nothing wrong has cost me $50 in overdraft bank fees plus the $29 PP fee. I hope they get sued by a greedy attorney. A while ago me and my boyfriend used paypal to send one another money and that’s how we would pay rent. One of us would send money to the other with paypal and then put our rent payment through one of our bank accounts directly online. I sent him the few hundred I owed for rent and it didn’t send. However it then sent the payment 2 times without taking both out of my account, so we waited 2 weeks to see the attempt and we’d send them the money or whatever.

HOW CAN YOU MAKE A DECISION ON SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT? I am disappointed but will fight this all the way.

In the last 2 months 6 transactions of $500 each appeared suddenly on my account, and luckily all were cancelled. Subsequently, a month later, there were additional attempts and this time the perp managed to charge $497 to my credit card through Paypal.

This is a common complaint about PayPal. I was baited with one product and received a different one. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the crap they sent didn’t even work. I just got conned out of a thousand dollars through paypal/ebay.

Actively looking into switching companies and getting legal involved. In all my years of dealing with people on this planet, I have never encountered worse customer service than I did today with PayPal. Then the next guy put me on hold for over 30 minutes and disconnected the call without ever checking back. And the last person might have qualified as an o.k. Human being if not for the fact that when I asked her to transfer me to the complaint department, she claimed that she couldn’t transfer out.

Is Cash an Asset? How to Organize Your Balance Sheet • Talus Pay

What I would like to know is what do they think I did? I reviewed their “ Acceptable Use Policy” and can find nowhere that I have violated it. They are holding over $XXXX of my funds that I am not able to access for six months. I need this money so that I can continue running my business. I do not think it is fair to banned me from PayPal especially when I have not committed any crimes.

I am just thankful I hadn’t link all my financial info to this site. When researching online I seen many such complaints of Prepaid Gift cards and Paypal and the amounts on these cards disappearing from people’s accounts. I am so wary of Paypal’s security and lack of concern to establish how it happen I have delete my account. Don’t ever use PayPal for your transactions. The buyer alleged the merchandise was not as described whereas he had signed a contract agreement and confirmed the merchandise was sold in an AS-IS condition . PayPal’s action was incorrect and unfair.

I tried to remove my bank from my account but PayPal system will not allow me. It means that they can suck money out of my bank account AGAIN and there is nothing I can do about it. But it means that I will give up my lost money, an amount that I cannot afford to lose.

I have stated time and time again, i made a mistake. 1 rep. Told me he reversed the payment and expect funds back in 48 hrs. Another one said that the last one did’nt do his job properly, and basicly nothing had been done but “not to freight, he would take care of it right away”. And then today i speak with the so called only person that could handle my call by the name Travis. He said they can not reverse my payment nor could he provide me with a number for corporate. I will definitely be closing this account. I have nothing good to say about Paypal whatsoever.

The worrying thing is that the E Mail that was sent to me has my correct name and last 2 digits of my debit card. This transaction DID happen but knowing that this is a scam I withdrew all funds from my debit card. My bank charged me $5.00 for a declined transaction. And now I have a $500.00 transaction fail showing in account activity in paypal. I have sent an extremely detailed E Mail to paypal and now waiting on a reply. I have instructed my bank to decline any inbound or outbound transactions from paypal. And just to be absolutely sure,I formatted my hard drive and reinstalled the OS, because I am unsure if my OS was infected.Only then I changed my password on PayPal.

Transfers made to bank accounts from PayPal will be deposited on the next business day. Merchants using PayPal can also transfer their balances to a bank account instantly. Instant transfers do have limits of $50,000 per transaction, $100,000 per day, $250,000 per week, and $500,000 per month. Each instant transfer is subject to a 1% fee which may not exceed $10. PayPal offers several options for resolving customer service problems, including a phone helpline. The basic support line is open to all account types and appears to suffer from periodic long wait times and poor service.

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