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Marriage Not Dating_ Tagalog Dub Ep2

His wife and mother I didn’t much care for. Se-ah and Yeo-rum I cared for even less except for during the beach escapade. I thought at that point they might have an interesting friendship between all of them but after that unfortunately things went back to square one. It might be the writing, the acting or a combination of both but they have not added anything aside from being plot devices.

I think it’s hilarious that the less conservative members of the family although shocked are quite nice. This kind of story, especially with Asian families, it’s so cruel to play this kind of game because the parents are soooo invested in their kids. Their kid getting married is what they live for, how can you play around with that? I have never felt more conflicted about a character and I never got tired of watching his handsome self strut around on the screen.

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Every parent wants their child settled and happy. This young doctor will go far to try to deny that happiness. The writer has been doing that a lot throughout the series, playing with the drama tropes and doing reversals. For example, JM says she doesn’t want to be a Cinderella in this episode. Instead of the drama lovey-dovey scenes, you see JM sleeping on all of the dates.

That makes a lot of sense and fits with their initial characterizations. The problem is that the transition between the two sides was lost. One episode, Se-ah’s a raging lunatic, the next she is back to being Ki-tae’s best friend. One episode, Yeo-reum pulls a dick move, the next he and Jang-mi are co-owning a restaurant.


When helping Ha-Ra pull the chair up, the ex-couple has an awkward moment. Just then, Ha-Ra notices a woman walking past their car. She says it is Ki Seo Hee; she asks Eun-Beom, who says he did not see her. During the divorce meeting between Sang-Eun and her husband, he insists that he does not have sexual dysfunction. The Attorney is rude to Attorney Oh and says perverted things to her. On the way back, Ha-Ra turns down Eun-Beom’s dinner invitation since she has plans with Jae-Gyeom.

Went over and beyond my expectations 😊.. The best part about watching it in 2021 instead of 2014 is that I can watch the whole thing in 1080p. The Youtube link Tastebuds is also great if you have YouTube Premier or add block. Add in skipping with the frames showing. All direct replies to this post are completed series reviews.

Kang Se Ah comes to Gi Tae to express her love again but Gi Tae firmly rejected it. Naver.comafter that proposed accident, Hoon Dong left from Jang Mi’s life. On the other plot, Gi Tae is warned by his mother if doesn’t bring a girlfriend home, the apartment that he lived will be confiscated. Finally, Gi Tae asked Jang Mi to be his pretend girlfriend. At first, Jang Mi denied it, but in the end, she approved the plan to revenge Hoon Dong.

And that thing with the letter – what gives him the right to open her mother’s private letter, read the contents, steal it, and then refuse to let her daughter see it? I would have ripped him a new one right there. Finally the recap I have been waiting for. Satisfying ending to me. been fun reading all the comments, thanks folk.

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Is there any wonder that their daughter has a warped, unhealthy view of relationships and that she has such a hard time understanding how she should be treated in a relationship? The last episode wrapped up things pretty nicely. So I’m quite satisfied and pleased about that. Loved the scene between grandma, aunt and mom. Crying and hugging each other, leaving cheating dad gobsmacked whilst they celebrate living together hahaha.

She feels ashamed of herself for the first time ever, and he argues that she’s not the only one—he’s never once been unsure about himself, but she shakes him and he doubts who he is because of her. Meanwhile, Ki-tae’s mom hears that he’s stopped coming to work altogether, and only stops in to drop off chicken every day. She remembers Grandma’s comment about him being hung up on Jang-mi and heads over to see her at the chicken shop. They relocate to the chicken shop, where Jang-mi listens to her story and takes her side. She says Ki-tae was wrong—he could’ve just said she looks pretty the way she is, but the Ki-tae she knows always chooses the most hurtful thing to say at all times. At Jang-mi’s house, Mom finally comes home and says she wants to call off the divorce, but this time Dad packs up and walks out the door.