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Living With Bipolar Disorder What Is Bipolar Disorder?

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Severe mood swings, along with manic symptoms such as poor judgement and impulsivity, or depressive symptoms such as low energy and disinterest make it tough to find and maintain a job. Stressors at work may also trigger or exacerbate your partner’s symptoms. If your partner can’t hold down a job, this could put more pressure on you to provide financial support until their illness is well-managed. No matter how invested you are in your relationship, it’s important to practice self-care.


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Benefits of Therapy for Bipolar Disorder can vary from person to person, and symptoms may vary over time. Bipolar II disorder is not a milder form of bipolar I disorder, but a separate diagnosis. While the manic episodes of bipolar I disorder can be severe and dangerous, individuals with bipolar II disorder can be depressed for longer periods, which can cause significant impairment.

Mild side effects often improve as you find the right medications and doses that work for you, and your body adjusts to the medications. Talk to your doctor or mental health professional if you have bothersome side effects. You’ll typically need mood-stabilizing medication to control manic or hypomanic episodes. Examples of mood stabilizers include lithium , valproic acid , divalproex sodium , carbamazepine and lamotrigine . If you have problems with alcohol or drugs, you’ll also need substance abuse treatment. Otherwise, it can be very difficult to manage bipolar disorder.

Be sensitive in how you address your concerns. is a welcoming community that understands the trials and pitfalls of managing a mental illness. Find friends or seek romantic relationships knowing that everyone on this site has some form of mental illness.

And if living with bipolar disorder and ghosting others has been part of your life, why do you do it? Also, helpful suggestions on how to end this type of behavior are welcomed. With the right support and guidance, your bipolar disorder relationships can thrive. You can live the life you’ve always wanted in a successful, loving, mutually supportive relationship. Second-generation antipsychotics are also common and are typically used with other emotional regulation medications such as mood stabilizers.

When they ghost you it makes you feel so insignificant and disposable. These events in my late teenage years led me to to have low self esteem and make many bad choices in men. Therapy in the form of couples counseling is exceptionally helpful in guiding bipolar relationships. Understanding each other’s point of view and having an unbiased mediator who can help both of you see the other side is beyond just helpful.

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The first lasted around 5 years, the second is ongoing, but has been several months, with declining contact and then complete ghosting. I believe both were due to a person’s system being overwhelmed and shutting down of emotions. It is unknown if mental health issues were formally diagnosed, but through actions, it seems they were likely present in at least one. Whether you have bipolar disorder or you’re in a relationship with someone who does, finding help doesn’t have to be difficult. The first step is learning more about what bipolar disorder looks like.

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